As a proud Canadian playing in the NFL, I want to help inspire and support the next wave of Canadians to try, play and excel at a sport that has meant so much to me. Thanks to the support of some generous volunteers and sponsors we also created my first youth football camp and are now excited to launch the Luke Willson 12 North Youth Football Grants. My mission is simple, to help provide resources (financial, sharing some my experiences, talking to kids/teams, and providing equipment ) to help grow the sport of football. We will be supporting players, programs, facilities and coaches through the grants program.


1. PLAYER: To assist with the cost of equipment, registration fees or travel to further one’s participation in grass roots football


2. PROGRAM: To assist with the cost of equipment, jerseys, field or facility fees, or travel to tournaments to further the program or team’s football competitive aspirations


3. COACHING: To assist with the cost of continuing education, workshops, coaching materials or equipment that would enhance a coach’s ability to serve his/her team or program


4. FACILITY: To assist with capital investments, improvements, or equipment that would benefit facilities where grass roots football is played


To apply for a grant, fill out the form and outline how the grant will help you, your program, coaching staff, or facility. Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded based on, need, quality of application and potential to maximize impact. All grant applications will be reviewed by the selection committee.





Luke Willson

Tight End, Seattle Seahawks