5 days ago
Loved hearing all the inspiring student business pitches during Super Bowl week for @MicrosoftStore Make Hustle Happen workshops. Congrats to Maggie for winning 2 tix to the SB for her 3D printed prosthetics idea! Find a workshop near you #makehustlehappen LWillson_82 photo
2 weeks ago
This is a game you cannot win! Please arrive alive and don’t drink and drive. Enjoy the super bowl everybody!
3 weeks ago
This 20 minutes with @LWillson_82 & @cliffavril will give you hope for the future of humanity and race relations... 🤣😂

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1 month ago
@LWillson_82 says the new faculty will be special for the students and do a lot for their growth. He says you’ll see me in here. LWillson_82 photo


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Luke Willson 823 months ago
Excited to be rocking my Canadian Tire Jumpstart cleats for #MyCauseMyCleats this Sunday! Stay tuned for the unveiling video later this week. In the meantime check out this link and help support my cause!
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Luke Willson 826 months ago
Excited to be a part of Growth Mindset! I've known Andy for years and he's one of the best coaches around! Big camp coming up on August 20th. Aspiring Windsor athletes, he'll get you right! 💪 #GrowthMindset
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Luke Willson 829 months ago
“I was a youngster, but I’ve always kind of, you know, liked the Lions growing up. But that being said I think it’s important for me to establish a divide. Yeah it was my childhood team, but I’m here to do a job.”
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Luke Willson 8210 months ago
I looked up and said that guy looks familiar...😂
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Luke Willson 8211 months ago
I'm just as excited as you guys are!! Thanks for the support 👊