How You can Endure a Job You Hate

Unfortunately, it is more common for people to dislike their jobs than the other way around. It is very rare in the society to be able to work on what your passion really is.

But science also tells that complaining is one of the worst things you can do. So much so that your brain can transform (negatively) because of it! That is, stop saying “I hate my job!” and hate going back to work.

It is not always that you can easily find the job of your dream. However, even if you are in a bad company and you hate your service, there are things that can make this phase better. These are 15 tips for dealing with a job you hate.

Here are 5 things that can improve your daily life and even develop your career:

1 – Learn to Say No

It may be difficult and your work is killing you, but it is essential that you learn to say no when you do not agree with something. If your co-workers’ attitudes irritate you, don’t eat lunch with them when they call you. If your boss casts you personal problems, make it clear that you don’t accept it. Attitudes in the workplace are contagious. So do not fill your time with negative things.

2 – Use your free time

If you eat lunch fast and too long from your lunch break, why not read a book in a nearby square, or stroll around the neighborhood? This is a nice way to cope when you hate your job. Do outdoor activities, get out of your work environment and get ready for the next few hours to come.

3 – Enjoy Your Rest

There are some companies that make their employees perform some tasks during their free time (weekends, holidays and even during holidays). Don’t let this happen and enjoy 100% of your rest: read books, sleep later, watch movies, hang out with your family – but don’t worry about work. One of the possible reasons you may not like your job may be the lack of time for yourself.

job you hate

4 – Get in touch with your job or dream area

Try to find people who work in the job or dream area. Research and understand what it would take to be able to get a place where they are. Know the area, study, specialize and know the path you must follow. This distraction will make you less irritated with your current job.

5 – Understand that your dream job won’t fall from the sky

You have the power to develop your career daily. As much as you may not like it, the tasks at your job can teach you a lot. Give 100% of yourself to what your boss asks for, so you will be taking a step closer to where you want to be. Don’t let yourself be into a job that slowly kills you. See how you can change things around yourself and run after your dreams.