How To Make People Take You Seriously

There is no better feeling than saying something and no one takes your comments into account! Yet, this happens to many more people than you think. Do you feel that you are missing something to be considered more? Would you like to project another image? By applying these simple tips, you can change things.

When no one is listening to you

In the family, with friends or at work, you are never to be taken seriously by others. You try to give a suggestion, you give your opinion, but hardly anyone listens to you. You can work hard and make efforts to be accepted as part of the job, but you are still considered a child. This happens frequently in all areas, especially if there is a speaker in the group! It gnaws at you from the inside, you get to hate some people, and it affects your productivity.

If the situation remained there, it would have been bearable. But once at home, we do not listen to what you say. The consequences of such circumstances can be dramatic. This can indeed go from a simple depression, until a suicide attempt! You have to pull yourself together, and do something to be accepted as you are … even better!

no one is listening to you

What to do?

Here is a list of practical tips that can help you improve the situation. These are changes to your appearance and what you are inside.

Review the image you are projecting

Whether you like it or not, your physical appearance affects how others think of you. Dress according to the dress code that fits each situation. Do not wear sportswear when going to a business meeting or at work. In the same way, choose your look when you go to a family reunion or when going out with friends. If the habit to be serious does not make the monk, it brings value to your remarks.

Pay attention to your non-verbal language

Aside from dress, you should also pay attention to body language to act serious. Choose the correct vocabulary, depending on the situation. When you say something positive, demonstrate that you are convinced by what you say, by your attitude and your body gestures. If you show a dissonance between these two parts, people will have a hard time taking you seriously!

take you seriously

Keep the promises you make

At first glance, this does not seem obvious. But someone who consistently does what he says inspires respect. It’s not necessarily about making promises that you will not be able to fulfill. If you say that you can do a task on your own, make sure you do it to become serious. If you promise a toy to your child, buy it!

Dare to speak at meetings

As part of a business meeting or a family reunion, do not stay in your corner, participate! Generally, in a meeting, each participant is given speaking time. Take the opportunity to express yourself. It’s not always easy, but you can do it, like everyone else.

Look at the people in the eyes when you talk to them

A classic exercise in personal development, looking in the eye inspires confidence and certainty. You then seem convinced of what you say, and people will naturally listen to you.