Thought Process Tied with Profile Picture

To illustrate your profile Facebook, you hesitate between the photo, that of you in CP and the beach of your last holidays. According to the online survey, which specializes in observing social networks, the kinds of photos that come back most often say a lot about who chooses them? Small typology of “Profile pics”.

The duck-face

In other words, a facebook photo says about you where girl who presses her lips to look sexy but ends up looking like Donald rather than Pamela Anderson. According to, this marks a personality that wants to attract attention. Lack of luck, as everyone has done for a few years now on the Internet, these ladies just end up being banal, even ridiculous.

The picture of a couple

No need to explain that what kind of profile picture says about you where sir and madam are hugging each other, kissing each other, snogging each other, in wedding attire or not. It’s cute, but in reality it just makes you want to throw up your friends. And you have no life.

The cut photo

At the base, you were surrounded by two friends. But you have badly cut them so as not to make appear that you in the photo (surrounded by their pieces of arms that hang). You might think that you are saving your less photogenic friends than you appear on Facebook, it’s actually the opposite, you’re afraid they’ll shade you, so you delete them.

The archive photo

Oh, how cute we were at the age of 5 and a half. But using the old photo from the family album for his Facebook profile would be a sign that someone is very boring, explains

The picture of the dog (cat / hamster)

Representing what people think when they see your profile picture as oneself as a pet would be the preserve of loving, caring people, writes But, also, people who may like their pet a bit too much.

The evening photo

A drink in hand, you drink and laugh as if you spent the best night of your life. Sign that you do not take life too seriously, that you do not care about the judgment of others and that you live “until your employer falls on it”, says a survey.

The great traveler

On Facebook, some boast their far-off journeys by appearing in the middle of an African village or on a canoe in New Caledonia. For those, the main interest is to make all his friends jealous. And it works.

profile Facebook

The emo portrait

The look in the vagueness, the eyes surrounded by black surrounded by a haircut copied on Amy Winehouse: this is the portrait “emo” that appeals to so many teenagers. In general, teenagers who hate the whole earth.

The landscape

Rather than display their thrombin, some prefer to illustrate their profile with a landscape picture on which they appear, very small from a distance. This is the sign of reserved people, lonely even shy.